Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Try Outs....

Well...I didn't intend to be away from the blog so long.  Guess I just got buried by a snow drift for awhile.  And here it is spring, or what passes for spring in Michigan.  And there is weaving to be done:

So I have this warp, that you can see in the upper right quadrant of the photo.  It needed a weft, but I wasn't sure what color.  Time for spring try outs!  Excuse the tails left on the front of the woven fabric, but I wasn't taking notes and just relying on the tail of yarn to help me remember what color the weft was.

Another view of the same thing:

After washing and considering for awhile, I decided to go with the turquoise weft:
The weave structure is a turned M's & O's draft.  It looks very "waffel-y" when off the loom and wet finished, except both sides are presentable.  The colors differ just a little between the two sides.  All of the yarns are 8/2 rayon, except the lime green in the warp, which is 8/2 bamboo.  As always, you can click on the photo to see bigger.

Okay...still a lot of weaving to do, so I'm headed up to the looms.
Later I'll have to tell you about the great workshop we just had with Laurie Autio last week.  A lot of information that I'm still digesting! 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spinning down the st*sh...

I've been doing some spinning and plying during the current cold snap.

First up some Polwarth which was spun in 2014, plyed in 2015:
This is about 10 oz of Polwarth, two ply.  It wraps at about 18 epi.  It's been washed but not re-skeined, so it's a bit untidy looking.  This is about 1/3 of the roving that I have to spin.  I'm thinking that I'll weave with this.

Next some Pygora:

This is about 4 oz and 550 yds. all spindle spun in 2014.  Wheel plied in 2015.  In real life the blue is a little more saturated.  I'm thinking shawlette for this yarn.

And this North Ronaldsay was spun and plied in the past couple days:
It's 100 grams and about 275 yarns.  The fiber was purchased when we were on Orkney in 2011.  I'm thinking this will be a hat, something like this.

My apologies for the picture quality above, but it is January in Michigan....low light prevails.

Also there's some knitting happening:
More socks, and believe me it is wool sock weather!  This is Paton's Kroy yarn and these were started in the new year.  I was all the way to the ribbing on the left sock last night when I finally saw how I was missing a stitch in the pattern...I had been thinking there was a problem all evening.  Once I found it. there was nothing to do but rip back.  Otherwise I would be looking for that error every time I put on the sock.  So in two evenings these should be done.

One more thing to show that was completed in 2014, but I had to keep it under my hat until gift giving was done (pun intended):
This was for my sister...and completed before the ground was covered in snow.  The yarn is Galway.  the pattern is Cloche Divine by Meghan Jones.  I made the crown a little deeper than what the pattern called for.

And that's what I've been doing to stay warm.  You?

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Looms Day

Meg at Unraveling posts a New Year's Day challenge to post photo's of what's on the loom.

Here's my entry.

On the Macomber:

A 12 shaft version of circles and stars in a combination of 10/2's mercerized and unmercerized cotton. 

Here's another view:

And on the Compact:

Trees...evergreens.  They were started for Christmas. but I'm thinking that evergreens will always work up at the cabin in the woods.

Happy New Year, everyone!